TekLabs wishes to provide exceptional software expertise for your most challenging projects. The mission is nothing less than to improve our customers' competitiveness, effectiveness and profitability through the skills and experience of our top talents. This we achieve by delivering proactively the best value and competitive total solutions that exceed our customers' demands.

You will get true expertise at very competitive cost. Our offerings are always customized to your exact needs.

Our cornerstones for a solid business partnership are thorough understanding of our customer's business, trust, easiness of communication and passion to bring best value to our customer's business through increased agility and speed, better cost efficiency and new innovations. The TekLabs top experts offer you as a customer continuously an outstanding productivity level.

We deliver what we promise.

We are highly competitive and efficient with a robust international delivery experience. We seek to understand your specific business needs and offer you an attractive selection of business models. You can trust to be receiving an excellent scope of competencies and solid experience from top experts. Benefit from our ability to attract and retain the best people.

The major benefits that companies gain by using outsourcing give the advantage of being more competitive on the market:

  • Flexibility - Outsourcing grants agility through a scalable and flexible set of services to be used depending on the customer's current and actual situation, requirements and size of operations.
  • Speed - Outsourcing services give an excellent opportunity to reduce time-to-market by using flexibly extra or special development power and skills combined with efficient management. The partner's investments, infrastructure and know how will accelerate rapid ramp-up of operations.
  • Cost efficiency - Access to resources at competitive cost allows project implementations and product development, which would not have been possible earlier or allows venture capital resources to last longer.
  • New ideas and innovations - The most developed models of outsourcing create new innovations and give access to top talents with special skills or required industry knowledge.
  • Shared risk - The outsourcing partner's investments and know-how will reduce risks and enable allocation of resources to core functions.

TekLabs has a presence in Espoo, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia.